preventing GUM DISEASE

smilegum disease affects 95% of adults in the uk

Keep in mind that healthy gums DON’T BLEED. You are the key player on the hygiene team. If you don’t do the essential daily brushing and flossing, the rest of your dental team (the dentist and hygienist) is playing short-handed. And sometimes with everyone fighting the good fight, stubborn plaque and bacteria will require some new maintenance techniques for battling gum infection.

At The Slade Dental Practice & Implant Centre, we believe in preventing gum disease by making sure you are fully aware of how to keep your teeth and gums healthy by correct oral hygiene methods.



preventing dental decay


Everybody’s mouth contains millions of bacteria. When food is eaten, bacteria in the mouth act on the sugars present in the food, to produce acid.
The teeth can normally withstand being attacked by acid up to three times a day. Frequent snacking, will result in acid being continually produced in the mouth. This will eventually lead to tooth decay.

In today’s diets, most of the foods we eat contain sugar (even savoury items such as baked beans and crisps), so we need to be very careful when selecting foods to snack on in-between meals.

Foods which contain sugars are a good source of energy, but care must be taken not to consume them in between meals too often.



dental decay can be prevented by:

  • smileCorrect Toothbrushing  - This will clean the surfaces of the teeth.
  • Using Fluoride toothpaste – this helps the teeth protect themselves from acid attacks.
  • Correct diet – Limit the amount of times that sugar is consumed.


We all realise that if foods taste sweet, then they must contain sugars. Surprisingly though, some items which are savoury are still extremely high in sugar content.


  • Any sweets – especially boiled sweets or toffees/ chewy sweets – be aware 1 tube of polo mints contain 8tsp of sugar
  • Chocolate – In any form whatsoever (3 tsp of drinking chocolate contains 3tsp sugar)
  • Sweetened fruit juice (Ribena contains 6tsp sugar per glass)
  • Sweetened breakfast cereal ( Sugar puffs contain 8tsp of sugar per serving)


  • Plain, Salt and Vinegar and Chicken flavoured Crisps. Hula hoops, Ringos, Wotsits, Chipsticks, Discos, Quavers
  • TUC, Cheddars, Twiglets, Cream crackers
  • Sugar free chewing gum              
  • Oranges, Bananas, Cherries, Peaches, Apples, Melon
  • Milk, Coffee/ tea (no sugar), Sugar-free squash
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