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Invisalign™ is a revolutionary, effective and discreet approach to dental readjustment and smile regeneration. The system is used in over 45 countries and has a patient base of more than 5 million people worldwide, including around one million teenagers.

The Invisalign™ method addresses both aesthetic and functional dental problems. A readjustment procedure can correct an overbite, crossbite or underbite, as well as overcrowded, crooked or protruding teeth. Your dentist can assess your clinical needs and create a personalised Invisalign™ treatment plan.

The treatment uses a series of virtually invisible transparent braces, known as aligners, which are made using a digital scan of your teeth and gums. The patient wears each aligner for approximately a fortnight, before moving on to the next in the series.

The aligners exert controlled pressure to encourage the progressive straightening and repositioning of your teeth. Invisalign™ patients must wear their aligners for 20 to 22 hours daily for the best outcome.

Your dentist will monitor the movement of your teeth and provide slightly altered aligners at each stage to help your teeth move into the desired position. Once the procedure is complete, we will provide you with an equally discreet removable retainer to help maintain the results of the treatment.

The Invisalign™ aligners are bespoke-made for you, ensuring a comfortable fit. Patients can remove their aligners while drinking, eating or brushing. They have a minimal impact on your oral hygiene routine or day-to-day activities.

To schedule an Invisalign™ consultation, please contact Slade Dental Practice & Implant Centre clinic on 020 8855 2115.


Frequently Asked Questions

What is an Invisalign™ treatment?

The Invisalign™ treatment involves the use of clear, incremental aligners to correct simple or complicated orthodontic issues and provide patients with an aesthetically appealing smile.


What are Invisalign™ aligners?

Invisalign™ aligners are clear appliances that use gentle force to straighten and move the teeth into the required position gradually. The aligners are made using patented, medical-grade plastic and offer a discreet and comfortable method of treatment.


What is the time-frame for an Invisalign™ treatment?

An Invisalign™ treatment does not have an easily quantifiable timeframe. Various factors like the patient’s needs and the complexity of the case can influence the duration. On average, the procedure takes around 9 to 12 months , after which the patient must wear a retainer to prevent the teeth from relapsing to their former position.


What is ClinCheck™?

ClinCheck™ is an advanced 3D imaging system that allows patients to see the potential outcome of Invisalign™ treatment before they commence the programme. ClinCheck™ data is also used to manufacture the patient’s aligners.


What is the suitable age group for an Invisalign™ treatment?

Both adults and teenagers can benefit from the teeth repositioning and straightening effects offered by Invisalign™ treatment.

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