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The nerve in a tooth can become infected or inflamed due to dental injury or deep-seated decay. Without timely treatment, the infection could spread and may even result in tooth extraction.

A root canal therapy can treat the infected tissue at the core of the tooth. A patient with an infection generally experiences the following symptoms:

  • Dull continuous ache or acute throbbing pain
  • Persistent hyper-sensitivity of the tooth
  • Facial inflammation
  • Tenderness while chewing or touching
  • Swollen gum tissues near the infected tooth

Our team of dental professionals at Slade Dental Practice & Implant Centre will take an x-ray to detect the extent and location of the infection. Your dentist will numb the affected and surrounding areas and remove the infected tissues.

They may also medicate the root canal for additional protection. Finally, your dentist will seal the tooth with a filling or crown to safeguard it against future deterioration. They will also advise you on post-surgery oral care to help prevent reinfection.

To schedule a root canal therapy consultation, please contact Slade Dental Practice & Implant Centre on 020 8855 2115.

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